A hallmark of agile approaches to software development is transparancy and explicitness:

  • Making processes and assumptions explicit and visible so that they can be inspected and improved.
  • Identifying risks and problems as early as possible so that they can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Making progress visible to stakeholders as running code so that they really understand the results of their requirements, and can adapt to changing market demands
  • Capturing the knowledge gained in each iteration so that the team will be more effective in the next.

Who is Explicit Knowledge?
A consulting firm that supports your use of agile development methodologies.

Have a bounded project to start, but have no Scrum masters available?
We can provide a Scrum master for the duration of a project.

Just starting with agile approaches and are not sure you want to commit to hiring a Scrum master?
We can supply a Scrum master as a consultant to your project..

Not sure if your lean Kanban needs agile Scumification?
We can help you sort out the buzzwords and move forward.

Explicit Knowledge is not a training or coaching organization. We provide "roll up the sleeves and dive in" practitioners of Scrum and Kanban.