Dr. Allan Terry, President

Dr. Terry has several decades experience as a development manager and program manager. He has led both consulting projects and in-house product work. His work has covered a wide variety of problem areas, but most notably includes:

His work has mainly been within the Java ecosystem, but also includes work in prolog, and in a variety of business-rule formalisms.

Dr. Terry is a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master. Most recently, he applied Scrum principles on a project that built an intelligent commnications manager for a Navy surveillance aircraft. He also applied Kanban principles to a difficult corporate turnaround situation that included support of a lawsuit.

Dr. Terry is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner. Most recently, he acted as product owner for a framework for building intelligent autonomous agents based on sensor inputs and effector outputs. The applications can be seen as Internet of Things intelligent agents. Prior to discovering Scrum, Dr. Terry had been Product Manager for the M.4 expert-system shell for PCs, and for Enterprise/Dx, an advanced diagnostic application.